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Dr. Prof. Leonard King

Dr. Prof. Leonard King, aka Leonard King Jr., is a professional drurnmer/vocalist, composer/arranger who has been consistently active in music since age 12. His earliest forays into the world of music began in elementary school as a young vocalist copying popular singers of the day such as Jackie Wilson, Chuck Berry, and Frankie Lyman & The Teenagers at school assemblies. Drums lessons began soon afterwards in September 1957 at Grinnell Brothers Studios in Lincoln Park, Michigan. His father presented him with a snare drum on Christmas Day of that year. He gradually accumulated a complete drum set over the course of five years and believes that getting the drums piecemeal in that way was helpful in learning each component of the drum set thoroughly enough in getting the maximum amount of creativity of what's there-as is.

Drum Fun & Vocals, Too showcases Leonard, by himself, playing and singing simultaneously. He has previously stated, "With a concept such as this I am able to simulate the fullness of an actual band. The drum set, depending on who's playing, is an orchestra unto itself. I tune them in such a way that allows me to play melodies and harmonies underneath the melodies I sing. I refer to it as audio illusion because it's accomplished without the use of electronic attachments". It is generally agreed that the first two instruments on earth were the voice and the drum. Leonard brings a 21st century enhancement by carefully choosing music that allows the greatest dexterity. This performance is suitable for audiences of all ages, especially clinics and master classes.


From the CD
"Stroni: What Everybody Else?"  Uuiquipleu Records - 21496


Dr. Prof Leonard King, Ron English, Duncan McMillan

Oopapada, named after the famous Babs Gonzales composition of the mid 1940's, was formed in March of 1995. Dr. Prof. Leonard King-drums & vocals, Chris Codish-organ, & Robert Tye-guitar were the original group. Since then, Leonard King, Ron English and Duncan McMillan have become a formidable trio by featuring material that is different from songs generally chosen to perform by many organ groups. The main emphasis is King's compositions which are structured to stretch the boundaries to where there are no boundaries. The emphasis isn't placed on adhering to a specific genre or category. A description that many have used in identifying the group's sound is eclectic, meaning that the group 'walks' through so many musical 'doors' in achieving its own personal aura.

From the OOPAPADA CD - "Zug Island Style" Uuquipleu Records 21482




John Douglas & Jimmy Smith-trumpets; Gary Kwek-soprano saxophone; Steve Hunter & Carl Horn-trombones; Keith Kaminski-soprano & tenor saxophones; Gregory King-alto saxophone; Johnny Evans-soprano, alto, & tenor saxophones; Mark Kieme-tenor saxophone & flute; Rick Steiger-baritone saxophone; Chris Codish-organ;
Ron English-guitar; James Simonson-bass; Dr. Prof Leonard King-drums & vocals; Diego Melendez-bongos & cowbell; Jerry LeDuff-conga drums & percussion; Miguel Gutierrez-percussion; Mahindi Masai-congas & percussion.

From the CD "Dr Prof Leonard King Orchestra" Uuquipleu Records 21500

This 16-piece ensemble has two notable differences in comparison to the typical orchestra with numerically the same members: a soprano saxophone functions as the "third trumpet" in the brass section, and there is a full, four-member drums/percussion section as opposed to the typical "rhythm section" in which there is only one drummer playing the drum set among piano, guitar, & bass.

This ensemble is the outgrowth of a March 2010 concert which featured primarily the orchestrated compositions of the late organist Lyman Woodard, of which Leonard and Ron were members of his groups over the course of a 35 year period that began in 1973. Since then annual concerts are presented featuring more orchestrations of Lyman's works and his arrangements of compositions by others. The 2-disc CD, The Lyman Woodard Organization Orchestra, was released in October 2010.

Leonard decided to maintain the same band members to perform his own works as well as his arrangements of the works of other composers. After rediscovering several of his own compositions, including four suites of which only one he actually recalled writing, it was time to dust off the manuscripts and bring this "new" music to life. Currently there are 2 CD's issued with the DPLKO: a self titled single disc, and a 2-CD disc titled "Oopapada Expanded" which, in actuality, is most appropriate since some of the material originated with the smaller group.

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